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Established in 1992, MCR is a proud Queensland-owned and based business. As a full service social and market research consultancy, we conduct research for important public policy issues, iconic brands and high profile campaigns. Our clients include government, not-for-profits and major corporates.

Our expertise

You may not know exactly what kind of research you need, but fortunately we do. It’s our job to help you clarify the issue, design and recommend the most effective research process and present the research findings in a meaningful way that will help you move forward. We will guide you to the point you need to reach, ‘weeding out’ the unnecessary information, foreseeing potential problems and identifying the critical elements and unique insights that provide you with a clear way forward.


Customer Insights


Strategic Planning




Advertising and communications testing


Digital migration


Stakeholder engagement


Brand health and positioning


Program evaluation


Usability testing


New product/service development


Usage and attitude studies

MCR specialises in these
Industries and more

Public Policy & Programs

Public Policy & Programs

MCR understands the process of public policy formation and delivery, with a wealth of experience working with governments and government authorities.

Transport & Infrastructure

Transport & Infrastructure

We have completed studies on transport systems, (road/rail/light rail), bridges, tunnels and tolling, and the needs of motorists and other road users (cyclists and pedestrians).



MCR has worked across sectors (public/private), for tertiary, secondary and primary institutions, providing expertise in strategic planning at governance and operational levels and assisting clients in program and brand management.

Charities & NFP

Charities & NFP

Public-private partnerships, innovation in fundraising, client satisfaction and emotional attachment to brand are past areas of research.

Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Working with various levels of government, we have experience in researching community needs, readiness and resilience in response to flooding, drought, cyclones, fires and other severe weather events.

Health & Human Services

Health & Human Services

We have expertise in campaign and program formation and evaluation, accessing hard to reach and vulnerable segments, handling sensitive issues and tracking customer satisfaction.

Media & Publishing

Media & Publishing

Studies in media channel use, content selection, advertising preferences and changing consumer patterns inform our expertise in this category.

FMCG & Retail

FMCG & Retail

Studies into NPD, pack design, campaign development and tracking, customer profiling and customer loyalty feature in our experience in this sector.

Banking, Insurance & Superannuation

Banking, Insurance & Superannuation

Our sector experience ranges from U & A surveys and customer satisfaction studies through to product development and brand evolution projects.



Our research expertise spans from grass roots tourism retailing to strategic oversight for iconic landmarks, events, journeys and destinations.

Tools We Use

The MCR approach

Share the challenge

  • MCR engages in a thorough briefing phase to gain a good understanding of clients’ challenges.
  • We understand and ‘take on’ our clients’ challenges through the use of our market research briefing template, client meetings, visits to points of service delivery, sharing sessions with frontline staff or experiencing the product/service for ourselves.

Generating the insights

  • We don’t have a standard approach to answering our clients’ research questions. Instead, we identify the most efficient means of finding the answers, even if this means an interrogation of existing data (rather than having to generate data).
  • We have a wide range of research tools to choose from (see ‘Our tools’), sometimes using more than one within a single study.
  • When there are budget constraints, we look for innovative ways to complete the task on budget, without compromise to quality.

Sharing and capitalising on the insights

  • Our reports and presentations distil data into insights and if clients desire, offer suggestions on follow-up strategy and action.
  • MCR also facilitates workshops (us, our clients, clients’ partners, other stakeholders) to deepen research insights and engage all players in the strategic response.
  • Our reporting style is adapted to clients’ needs (from interactive digital dashboard delivery of results and executive summaries for senior management/boards, through to detailed reporting and analysis or reports written to an academic/publishable standard).


Our team

With a wealth of experience and expertise, a hands-on approach and the ability to create an excellent rapport with clients, the MCR team is one of the most respected market research consultancies in Australia.

Therese Coutts

Managing Director

Recognised as a leading project designer and manager of both qualitative and quantitative research, Therese Coutts has more than 20 years experience providing research services to public and private sector clients.

Therese’s expertise includes the management of long-term tracking studies, satisfaction and loyalty, surveying vulnerable groups, and website design and usability.


  • Full Member of the Australian Market & Social Research Society (AMSRS)

Sunnie Marsh

Senior Research Officer

Sunnie has 16 years experience managing the delivery of qualitative and quantitative research for clients across state and federal government and private industry.

The MCR difference

Here are just some of our key points of difference.

  • Senior researchers on every project
    The senior people you meet in the initial meeting are the people working on your project. They will design, conduct, report and present the research to you personally, giving you total peace of mind.
  • Bespoke research programs tailored to your needs
    We create complex, customised research programs tailored to individual client needs (rather than off-the-shelf products or one-size-fits-all). Where beneficial, multiple methodologies are employed to achieve the insight needed.
  • Maximising the budget by thinking outside the box
    By using innovative research approaches, we can achieve reliable results, despite budget restraints.
  • Experts in sensitive issues and vulnerable groups
    With extensive experience researching sensitive issues and vulnerable groups, we have a duty of care to ensure that we respect the privacy and confidentiality of all involved.
  • We are the statewide specialists
    With an in-depth knowledge of the local market including metro, regional, rural and remote communities, you can rest assured that we will provide genuine ‘all of Queensland’ research findings, rather than a Brisbane-based or SEQ-centric response.
  • We make it happen
    Once you have gained the insights, it’s important to action them. We can facilitate client workshops to leverage research insights into action plans.

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